28th & 29th April 2016


April 2016

A systematic approach to designing books


Marcus Gärde, Bold Scandinavia, Stockholm, Sweden

How can oane tap in to the spontaneous wisdom of the mind without using past knowledge? To be able to solve design challenges through rational thinking based on a systematic approach can save not only time for the designer but also work as a method for self development through the craft. The purpose of my workshop is to illustrate that kind of rational thinking through the process of designing a book. The workshop will be conducted through both a analog ­workshop where we design the interior part of a book, and a digital workshop in Adobe InDesign where we concentrate on grid systems.


– 29th April

Finish the typeface!


Göran Söderström,

Letters from Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden

The world is full of inspiration for new typefaces. It can be an old signboard, painted letters on a car, store fronts or just ­abstract patterns. On this workshop, students will be assign­ed a few found letters in different styles and the workshop will be all about drawing out the missing characters with a goal to finish the typeface. Students can also bring their own inspirational material to the workshop and work from this.


– 29th April

Capture the attention with a personal poster


Hans Christian Øren, Oh Yeah Studio, Oslo, Norway

The goal for this workshop is to make a message as strong as possible within a chosen idea. In this workshop we will ­focus on posters as street art. How can we connect with the audience? How can you affect a persons emotion who is walking by? You have 3 seconds to capture the attention and over the next 30 seconds it will be determined if you manage to make them read further. The designers main goal is to communicate a message, and create an understanding of the ­message through images, illustration and text. A clear visual expression helps you to communicate your message. Its important that the poster stands out and be appealing to the audience. The designer have to think about the message, details, balance, composition to get the attention. People consume increasing amounts of information in the form of news stories, ads, e-mails, blog posts, Facebook statuses, Tweets, instagram,  Tumblr posts and other new sources of information. In this workshop we will focus on how we can evoke emotions in this information overloaded world.


Oh Yeah Studio has done a lot of self initiative personal projects and non commercial projects, like art exhibitions, aid projects and political statements. This is one of the reasons why Oh Yeah Studio exists today. In this workshop everyone have the chance to make an own project with guidens from Oh Yeah Studio. The workshops goal is to come up with an idea that is important to you. You can realize a personal project to inspire yourself and others. It can be something you care about, something you want to change, experiment with a style or just want to learn more about poster design. The choice is yours.


How can the theme and idea interact and communicate with others? what makes it unique and interesting? Your personal voice and personal opinions have a place in this world. It matters. If you want to know more about how to get people attention, this is the place to be. You are totally free to use all equipment available. Analoge and digital.

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28th &

29th April 2016